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My Dream Book Reading Space

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Posted September 28, 2017
My Dream Book Reading Space

I have a little secret to share with you. I love imagining what my dream home would look like. I guess a lot of people do, but it’s a fun hobby of mine when I’m not reading and blogging. I think of the rooms, furniture, the garden. The whole enchilada. […]

The Hot One by Lauren Blakely | Top 5: Date Ideas

Posted March 1, 2017

I’m channeling my inner Nicole today by writing this dating article. As incompetent to the task as I am, I’m basing my top 5 date ideas on Tyler Nichols and what I think he might want to do with Delaney. 1. A DAY AT THE PARK Fresh air is always good […]

2016 Favorites + Giveaway

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Posted December 27, 2016

What a wonderful year to start book blogging! I’ve only blogged since April of 2016, but I’ve fallen in love with more books than I can count. These are the ones that made the most impact to me and my poor heart. 2016 Favorites   The Wall of Winnipeg and Me […]

Movie Review | Bridget Jones’s Baby

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Posted September 18, 2016

  It’s been fifteen years since Bridget Jones’s Diary came out, and twelve since Edge of Reason, so when it was confirmed that a third Bridget Jones movie was in the works, I didn’t really know how to feel about it. Was it a little too late? Were they going to base it on […]