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The Hot One by Lauren Blakely | Top 5: Date Ideas

Posted March 1, 2017 / Features

I’m channeling my inner Nicole today by writing this dating article. As incompetent to the task as I am, I’m basing my top 5 date ideas on Tyler Nichols and what I think he might want to do with Delaney.


Fresh air is always good for the body, and you can spend the day with your date at the park at minimum cost! Have a picnic, ride a tandem bike, watch street performers, maybe even perform with them! By juggling literal balls, you can show your date you can also juggle the metaphorical balls that is life.


A relaxed date is a happy date. Bond over a relaxing massage at the spa and work out those knots on your body. Just be careful not to flash the whole spa when you’re trying to impress your date. Indecent exposure is considered a crime in some states.


There’s no better way to start the day than an early morning jog. Unfortunately, sarcasm doesn’t easily translate online, so in case it wasn’t obvious, I was being sarcastic. Heh. There are a lot of better ways to start the day, if you get my drift. But jogging has its benefits, too, I guess. It releases endorphins and makes you feel happy… after you’re done wheezing and fighting for air. At least you can eat breakfast with your date after your run. Now that’s a great date idea! Breakfast, my favorite meal of the day!


Try something out of the box and go on a wig party. They’re memorable and can show your date you’re willing to try something new as long as it’s with them. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new look for you. I heard orange is the new black.


Go big or go home. Take the leap and go bungee jumping with your date. It’s scary as hell, but it’s also exhilarating and unforgettable. Just make sure he or she doesn’t have acrophobia. We want your date to fall in love, not fall into shock.


At the end of the day, what matters the most is who you’re spending your day with. You could stay at home in your sweats and binge watch your favorite your TV show and still have the time of your lives if it’s with the right person. Just cherish each time with them and take it one step at a time.

How about you? Any date ideas you’d like to share?

The Hot One by Lauren Blakely is out now!

Ever notice that sometimes a guy will do something really stupid, like let the love of his life slip through his fingers?

Yeah. I’m that guy. But the moment I run into the woman I once loved madly, I’ve got one goal and one goal only—a second chance. The plan? Go big or go home.

Fine, at first glance, stripping naked at my ex-girlfriend’s place of work might not seem like the brightest way to win her heart again. But trust me on this count—she always liked me best without any clothes on. And you’ve got to play to your strengths when you’re fighting an uphill battle. As a lawyer, I know how to fight, and I’m prepared to fight hard for her. Because sometimes you need a second chance at first love.

He’s the one who got away . . .

The nerve of Tyler Nichols to reappear like that at my job, showing off his rock-hard body that drove me wild far too many nights. That man with his knowing grin and mischievous eyes is nothing but a cocky jerk to saunter back into my life. Except, what if he’s not . . .? I’ve tried like hell to forget him, but maybe I’m cursed to remember the guy I fell madly in love with eight years ago. Lord knows I’m not over him, so what’s the harm in giving him a week to prove he’s changed in the ways that matter?

After all, how do you resist the hot one…

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