Hello, there! I am Nissa Devora, a 20-something professional trying to make it in the real world. Someday, I would like to publish my own novel.

I may not have the fanciest choice of words, but the things I write are sincere and heartfelt. I started writing stories 11 years ago when my friends asked me to write about them. They wanted to live in a fantasy of their own, and they wanted me to write it. So, I did.

That started my passion for the art. I then shamelessly wrote fantasies that starred your’s truly. I wrote stories about my frustrations, my dreams, and my crushes (who didn’t fantasize about their crush?). Then, when I fell in love with an anime/manga called “Alice Academy/ Gakuen Alice”, my subjects changed. I imagined the main characters who were barely teenagers, as adults, and it frustrated that they’re not. So, I wrote fan fics about them.

A few years later, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of Jane Austen Fan Fiction. The people there were so welcoming and talented; I was filled with admiration and inspiration. To date, I have read more than 200 Pride and Prejudice variations, and I plan to read more. I recently joined the Austenesque Lovers Reading Challenge, and I joined Mr. Bennet’s Library where I have to read more than 100 JAFF books. 

I started writing fan fics back in 2006. My works were sloppy, but they were something. Writing fan fiction has made me become more creative, and it really helped me improve my writing style. I have plot lines written in my old notebook, and I plan to write them all someday. I’m just waiting for the perfect inspiration to help me do it.

I have always wanted to travel the world and see new sights. I have been given the opportunity to travel to a few countries now, and someday, I plan to go to more.

My interest in writing started because I have read amazing works; fan-fiction and original works alike. I read at least a book a day, so I figured I’d share with you my thoughts and feelings about the books I’ve read. 

I have a lot of imperfections, just as the rest of us do. Our imperfections do not give us the right to judge and hate on other people’s imperfections. Instead, love their perks and special qualities.

So, if you’ve stumbled upon this blog, welcome! I hope you’ve learned something from my posts, and I hope you find your way back.