Book Talk | Fave Trope #1— Fauxmance

I’m starting my weekly Book Talk with a mini-series. Let’s talk tropes! The first on the list is Fauxmance. See why I love this trope, some of my notable reads, and upcoming books with this trope.

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Fake Relationship, Engagement, or Marriage of Convenience—I’m bundling this three into one.

There’s just something about a fauxmance that makes my heart flutter.

I’ve seen this trope in Young Adult, New Adult, and Contemporary Romance novels, but I still can’t get enough! I’ve even seen this in anime and Japanese comic books. And I loved them all.

Need to make your crush jealous? Fix your reputation? How about get a US Visa or fulfill a stipulation in your parent or distant relative’s will? With this trope, anything is possible.

The hero and heroine could be anything. High school students, celebrities, athletes, businessmen. They could be childhood friends, enemies, strangers, best friends. Sometimes the more absurd the better.

There’s nothing sweeter when the lines are finally blurred. When the characters aren’t sure if what they have is still an act. When things feel more natural for them. I feel like I’m punched in the chest when they finally fall in love. AHHHH. Plus points if it’s a slow burn!


Notable Fauxmance books

There are countless Fauxmance books all over the world. I’m sure I haven’t read half of it. But I do have a few favorites

Young Adult 

Resisting the Rebel by Lisa Brown Roberts
Hero agrees to help heroine with her crush as long as heroine helps hero with an ex-girlfriend stalker situation. The solution? A fake relationship, of course!

New Adult 

A Brit Unexpected by Brenda St. John Brown
Hollywood actor hero and normal girl heroine go into a fake relationship to clear up hero’s reputation. An ex is spreading rumors that hero is stalking her.


The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata
Star athlete hero’s visa is expiring, so he pays ex-assistant heroine to marry him. Grumpy hero, strong heroine, and a cute dog in the mix. HATE TO LOVE!!! My #1 favorite book of all time.

Act Like It by Lucy Parker
West end co-actors are forced by their bosses to be in a fake relationship to fix hero’s reputation. HATE TO LOVE!!! Top read for 2017 (released in 2015 but I read it in 2017).

Imperfect Love series by Kendall Ryan
Hero and heroine must marry to gain access to their shares and take over their family’s company. Marrying each other wasn’t the only stipulation in the will. Heroine hates hero.

Big Rock by Lauren Blakely
Hero needs to pretend to be the perfect, domesticated, one-woman gentleman to win a business deal. Best friend heroine becomes his fake fiancée. Told in the male POV.


most anticipated fauxmance books


(I’ve read these three and loved them all! Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult. Take your pick!)

How about you? Any fauxmance favorites, recommendations, or anticipated read?

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