Review | The Rule Book by Jennifer Blackwood

Review | The Rule Book by Jennifer BlackwoodThe Rule Book by Jennifer Blackwood
Series: The Rule Breakers #1
Published by Entangled Publishing (Embrace) on May 9th 2016
Genres: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Rom-Com
Pages: 290
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Starr Media Second-Assistant Survival Guide
1. Don't call your hot boss the antichrist to his face.
2. Don't stare at hot boss's, um, package or his full sleeve of tattoos. (No. Really. Stop!)
3. Don't get on the malicious first assistant's bad side.
4. Don't forget to memorize the 300-page employee manual.
5. If you value your cashmere, steer clear of boss’s dog.
6. Boss’s dimples are lust-inducing. Do. Not. Give. In.
7. “The elevator ate your clothes” is not a valid excuse for showing up to important meetings half dressed.
8. Don't break seven of the rules within the first week of employment if you, ya know, are in dire need of money to support your sick mom.
9. Whatever you do, don’t fall for the boss. See rule eight about sick mom.
10. Never forget the rules.

This is my first Jennifer Blackwood book, and wow, what a hoot! She’s found a new fan in me.

Lainey Taylor is one step closer to reaching her dream job. Being second assistant to Starr Media’s CEO is giving her the chance to finally work on something she knows and loves, and with a mom depending on her,  she’ll do her best to last for more than a week.

She has to read and take note of the extensive company rule book, avoid pissing off the first assistant, Jackson, and impress the boss, Brogan Starr, whom she’s never met. But in the span of a week, not only has she violated rules in the rule book, she called the  big boss the Antichrist. Right in his face. 

She’s waiting to get kicked out, dragged out by security and blacklisted from all media companies in the west coast, but for some reason, it never happens. Instead, things start to look up for her as she finally makes friends, gets more projects, and lasts more than the last two second assistants did. The first assistant is still an ass, but at least Brogan isn’t as bad as Jackson told her.

Brogan is nothing like the antichrist. He’s loved by the employees, has tattooed forearms and the most adorable dimples to lust over,  and looks amazing in his well-fitted suits. And the best thing about Brogan is he’s actually nice. Nice. It’s hard not to have a crush on someone like that, even if her brain is telling her how wrong it is to lust over her boss.

“Honestly, I’d climb him like a f*ing mountaineer if given the chance, employee manual or not.”

And now that she’s also officially her boss’s dog walker, she gets the chance to spend more time with Brogan and his slobbery dog, Bruce.  It is then she finds out that her crush isn’t as unrequited as she thought.

Lainey is hilarious! There were a lot of secondhand embarrassment-induced bed-rolling (I cringed so hard… mainly because the things the heroine did were things I’ve unfortunately done as well), but I adore her! Her few blunders aside, she’s a capable employee who she knows what she wants and deserves. She’s relatable in her awkwardness and desires. I couldn’t stop laughing at her thoughts!

And Brogan! Dear Brogan. In most office romances I’ve read, the big boss is often the typical alpha male I lust over. But Brogan’s your boy next door, thoughtful, sweet, and nice. He has trust issues and made those rules to make sure his company doesn’t become vulnerable, but otherwise, he’s pretty laid back. And I love it! It’s nice to have someone who’s not all “I own you” to the heroine.

“The nice guys were the real danger, because something told me Brogan wouldn’t be someone I could recover from quickly, if and when this ended.”

As much as I enjoyed this book, there were a few things that kept me from giving this five stars. I agree with Katerina that some storylines were under-developed or abrupt, especially the one about Brogan’s father. And I was expecting more hot and heavy moments with the MCs. Those scenes were behind closed doors. I wanted to be invited in. Haha.

This was written in Lainey’s POV. I love, love, looove her voice because as I’ve said, she’s hilarious. There were a few times though that I wish we could have read what Brogan thought.

I also wanted Brogan to grovel more in a certain incident, especially since I think what he did entailed more than just groveling.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the book and would recommend this to anyone looking for a light, hilarious office romance with a lovable heroine and a refreshing hero.


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