The Millionaire’s Revenge by Wendy Byrne | Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway

The Millionaire’s Revenge by Wendy Byrne | Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway

The Millionaire’s Revenge by Wendy Byrne | Blog Tour, Review & GiveawayThe Millionaire's Revenge by Wendy Byrne
Published by Entangled: Indulgence on December 12th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 168
Format: eARC
Amazon US

Real estate tycoon Luke McCall has a plan to take down the underhanded competitor messing with his livelihood. He intends to romance the man’s daughter, gain her trust, and get the information he needs to put his rival out of business once and for all. He just didn’t plan for the way she makes him feel.

Grace Wilson is tired of men using her smarts, social position, or her father’s status for their personal gain. It’s time for a new philosophy: Test. Screw. Dump. But after she meets Luke, she’s not sure she’ll be able to walk away. Not only is he sexy and charming, but he survives every test she puts him through. But can she trust a guy who seems too good to be true?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Grace Wilson is sick and tired of men dating her for her money and connections. She’d swear off men, but she and her friends know there’s an itch that needs scratching. This time, she’ll be in charge. Test, screw, dump. Then she meets Luke McCall, who not only passes her tests but aces it like a pro.

Luke is sick and tired of being stepped on by his competitor. He knows the enemy is doing shady business to steal his projects, so he’ll stoop to his level and seduce the enemy’s daughter to get dirt. He just doesn’t expect to like Grace so much and see how different she is from her father.   

“Never had he gotten up close and personal with somebody he was bringing down.”

Their chemistry is off the charts! They both come into the relationship with every intention of breaking it off eventually, but instead they learn to like each other and realize how well they mesh together.

Grace is an enigma. She came off as this typical rich privileged girl, but she turned out to be so much more. She’s kind, humble, and caring. A bit naive at times, but she thinks well of others.

I admire Luke for his dedication to be where he is now, but I didn’t like how he still went on with his plan to manipulate Grace even though he knew she was innocent and had nothing to do with her father’s shady business. He had a few chances to tell her the truth, but chose to let it blow over on its own. The only consolation that made me not hate him is that he genuinely started to care for Grace and wanted to find a way that she won’t get screwed over along with her father. 

I also think he got off easier than I would have liked. 

Other than that, I enjoyed reading the story. If you’re a fan of revenge tropes and redeemed heroes, you might like this book. 

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About Wendy Byrne

Wendy has a Masters in Social Work and worked in the child welfare field for twelve years before she decided to pursue her dream of writing. Between teaching college classes, trying to get her morbidly obese cat to slim down, and tempering the will of her five-year-old granddaughter, who’s determined to become a witch when she turns six so she can fly on her broom to see the Eiffel Tower and put hexes on people—not necessarily in that order—somehow Wendy still manages to fit in writing. She spends the remainder of her days inflicting mayhem on her hero and heroine until they beg for mercy.


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