Blog Tour (Excerpt+Giveaway): Without a Conscience by Cat Gardiner

Blog Tour (Excerpt+Giveaway): Without a Conscience by Cat Gardiner

The most anticipated sequel to one of my favorite modern Pride and Prejudice variations is out on Nov. 11, and I’m so happy to have the wonderful Cat Gardiner here with me today to share a fun excerpt and giveaway!

Blog Tour (Excerpt+Giveaway): Without a Conscience by Cat GardinerWithout a Conscience by Cat Gardiner
Published by Vanity & Pride Press on November 10th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Pride and Prejudice, JAFF
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This is the exciting sequel to Denial of Conscience, a modern Darcy and Elizabeth adventure of international intrigue. Romance, Suspense, Passion, and Danger

Someone wants to kill The Iceman, Fitzwilliam Darcy, and will stop at nothing to lure him into the open. Out for retribution, the son of an assassinated South American drug lord is seeking payback. His diabolical objective puts Operation Macarena into play by dangling bait guaranteed to entice his enemy. Can Darcy's new bride, Liz, accept his decision to leave their tranquil life at Pemberley to resume the deadly profession he swore was behind them forever?

But are Darcy and Liz each fully satisfied with their simple, peaceful existence raising polo ponies and planning exotic vacations? Darcy set Liz's spirit free; how can she resist the urge to ride on the wild side? Perhaps coming out of retirement is just what her husband needs because The Iceman never truly melted.

Without a Conscience takes readers on an adventure from the dangerous Peruvian Amazon Basin to the salacious underbelly of Parisian nightlife, leading toward a perilous rescue in Moscow.

Conscience or no, but propelled by love, Liz and Darcy re-enter the realm of international intrigue for the one and only thing they know is truly worth fighting for: each other.

Authors Note: Jane Austen wrote such wonderful characters, I borrowed their names and some of their characteristics to tell my own tale of contemporary love. Without a Conscience is a sequel, and I recommend reading Denial of Conscience first. Further, it is an original story that follows the lives of the characters of Denial of Conscience and therefore, not meant to be a Pride and Prejudice variation. This novel contains explicit sexual content. So if you are looking for a clean, canon read, this book is not for you.

Thank you so much, Nissa for hosting Without a Conscience! I am super happy to be here to bring your readers the first of four CIA dossiers on this much-anticipated hog blog book tour! You requested one of my favorite characters from The Conscience Series: Rick Fitzwilliam, the Director of Obsidian. Much like our canon Colonel, he is military, well-mannered, charming, and close to his cousin, Darcy. He is intelligent, loyal, and astute. Our contemporary world and his role in it as former military has, however, made him wealthy. Although, we see that not too dissimilar from our canon man’s relationship goals, he has settled for a partner (Caroline) for the wrong reason―not love. Hopefully, a new girl on the scene will help him reassess his relationship needs!

In this excerpt, Rick finds himself in a captive situation in the Amazon and meets a British reporter – also in captivity. Although in the worst of situations, he’s still charming and reassuring. Strong and intelligent.

My visual inspiration for Rick is the sexy and phenomenal actor, Michael Fassbender.


Comment below for the chance to win one of 5 e-books (Int’l & USA) or 2 paperbacks (USA only) then enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter. Good luck, everyone and thank you for stopping by Of Pens & Pages, one of my favorite book destinations!


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15 responses to “Blog Tour (Excerpt+Giveaway): Without a Conscience by Cat Gardiner

  1. Ooo, I do agree about Michael Fassbender! Think I'll have to go back and read DoC with him in mind now. What a situatuation he's found himself in, but I don't doubt he'll find a way out for himself and the mysterious Sarah. It's way past time he kicked Caroline into touch!

  2. Hi Kari, I, too, was surprised that Rick kept her around. Here's to hoping that she gets some set down and Rick finds a new relationship. She is a toxic viper. 🙂 Good Luck!

  3. Hi Anji! Yeah, MF I felt from the start was perfect for the role. On DoC's Pinterest is a piccie of him in the backseat of a limo. He has this serious look that just captured Rick when faced with meeting Bertram. He's going to need a little help to get out of this tight spot. Let's hope someone will come to his rescue. You'll get another excerpt to point the way. Good Luck in the giveaway!

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