The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely | Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

From NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely, comes a swoony new standalone romance…


 The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely | Review, Excerpt & GiveawayThe Sexy One by Lauren Blakely
on October 17th, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 270
Format: eARC
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From the NYT Bestselling author of MISTER O, comes a sexy new standalone romance…

Let me count the ways why falling into forbidden love is not my wisest move…1. She works with me every single day.Did I mention she's gorgeous, sweet, kind and smart?2. She works in my home.Playing with my five-year-old daughter. Teaching my little girl. Cooking for my princess. Which means…3. She's the nanny.And that makes her completely off-limits…But it doesn’t stop me from wanting her. All of her.


The other nannies in this city don't call him the Sexy One for nothing. My boss, the amazingly wonderful single father to the girl I take care of every day is ridiculously hot, like movie star levels with those arms, and those eyes, and that body. Not to mention, the way he dotes on his little girl melts me all over. But what really makes my knees weak are the times when his gaze lingers on me. In secret. When no one else is around.

I can't risk my job for a chance at something more…can I? But I don’t know how to resist him much longer either…

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Mature Content

Lauren Blakely is one of my few one-click authors. If you want a light, fun, and sexy read, The Sexy One will give you that and so much more. Her books have strong, lovable characters, the touch of humor that will make you literally laugh out loud, and heat that can make you burn all over. Obviously, The Sexy One did not disappoint.

“If you looked up ‘hot single dad’ in the dictionary, you’d find his picture.”

 Simon Travers is a thirty four-year old businessman and dad who knows what he’s doing. He adores his daughter Hayden and is a great father to her.  It also helps that he’s hot as hell.  A kind, funny, good-looking single dad who is obviously devoted to his daughter? Goodbye, ovaries. It was nice knowing you.

As talented as Simon is, he can’t balance life and work, so in comes the perfect nanny, the beautiful, multilingual child-whisperer, Abby Becker. At twenty six, she’s already fluent in four languages and learning a fifth. She’s also kind, funny, and amazing with Hayden, so I’d say it’s a match made in heaven. 

When two single attractive people work in close contact for almost seven months, things are bound to happen… especially if said people are attracted to each other.  But as much as Simon and Abby crave for each other, they have to resist temptation. Simon needs Abby as Hayden’s nanny, and Abby needs the money to survive in New York. 

I love The Sexy One! It was sweet, sexy, funny, and romantic. Like Big Rock, Mister O, and Well Hung, the story is light and filled with the perfect balance of humor, romance, and sex. However, I’m going to have to say that between the recent standalones,  The Sexy One is my favorite. 

First off, Simon. I have a weakness for hot single dads. Especially ones who adore their child. Simon is the epitome of the hot single dad.  I love how involved he is with Hayden’s life and how much he knows about taking care of his daughter. He’s also this genuinely nice person who is respectful yet knows how to talk dirty when he has to. HOT.

Second, Abby. Like Lauren’s other female leads, Abby is assertive, career-oriented, and still so loving and kind. She’s honest to a fault but not cruel about it, and she gets Simon. 

These two understand each other and care for each other, and I love that their attraction goes beyond physical. They don’t pine each other because of just sex; before taking that risk, they’ve enjoyed each other’s company when they’re alone. They care for each other’s growth and life, and it gave me so much life when I read the give-and-take between these two. 

“Simon doesn’t fill a void. He makes my life richer.”

I only wish it were longer. I guess I just wanted to see Simon and Abby seven months before. And maybe I wanted to see more of Simon and Hayden. Because seriously. A hot responsible dad taking care and playing with his child? I can hear all the hearts melting and the panties falling off. lol.

If you’re looking for a short, funny, sweet and sexy forbidden love, then you might enjoy The Sexy One!

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“I want to talk to you about the other day.” He sounds so serious.

All of a sudden, the weight of my mistake crashes down. “Are you firing me?” I blurt out.

His jaw drops. “What?”

“I’m sorry,” I say, and the wild anxieties consume me once more. “I love this job, and I love working with Hayden, and I didn’t mean to jeopardize it by . . .”

By making out with you? By touching you? By murmuring your name when you kissed me senseless in the cab, and would you please just do it again?

He steps closer. My stomach makes like a skydiver.

“You did not jeopardize a thing. I’m not firing you. I promise.” His blue eyes are locked to mine. “I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable. And I hope I didn’t lose you, either. You’re so good at what you do, and I value your skills so much. You’re great with Hayden, and I don’t want to mess that up. I’m sorry for crossing the line.”

I shake my head. “It’s okay. I crossed it, too.”

He licks his lips. “And I really appreciated you inviting me out with your friends. I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to mess up your night. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

A grin threatens to take over my face because my heart soars. I thought he was turning me down. Instead, he was thinking of me. “You wouldn’t have messed it up.”

“I wouldn’t have?”

“No.” I latch onto Harper’s advice. Talk to him. “I wanted you there.”

My breath comes fast, and the hairs on my arms stand on end. We’re so near to each other—our words, our voices, our bodies. Everything in me reaches for him.

“I’m glad,” he whispers.

“And you don’t make me uncomfortable. I promise.”

He doesn’t say anything in response. Just nods. I press my teeth into my lips. My back is against the sink, and he’s standing so close I can smell him. The faint scent of his soap intoxicates me. He must have gone to the gym after work and taken a shower, and oh God, now I’m imagining him naked in the shower, soaping up his strong body. I go up in flames.

“What happened in the cab was”—he pauses, as if he’s searching for the right word—“crazy.” But the way he says it in a voice full of longing doesn’t sound like crazy-bad. It sounds like . . .

“Crazy-good,” I supply.

He nods. “So good,” he whispers, and inches closer.

“It was so good,” I echo, my voice breathy, full of this potent need for him.

He stares at me, his eyes brimming with heat. I exhale, and my lips part slightly. He’s looking at my mouth now, and I’m burning all over.

We collide.

His hands are in my hair, and his lips crush mine. My fingers race up his shirt and around his neck. I pull him against me, his strong, hard body aligned with mine. His erection presses against my belly, and the realization that he’s already hard thrills me. Sparks fly through me as I register how hard he is, and my God, I want him. I want to feel him slide into me, I want to take him deep into my body. I want him to know what he does to me, too—that I’m as turned on as he is, and I can’t stop kissing him.

His big hands curl around my head, and I moan into his mouth. I love how much bigger he is than I am—taller, broader, stronger. He meets every primal desire I have to be taken. I want this man to consume me. I want to be under him, I want to be pinned by him—I want the full weight of him moving over me.

His lips are demanding, coaxing out more and more kisses from me. More murmurs, more sighs. As I arch into him, he groans, rough and husky.

Then, he breaks the kiss.

“This is bad,” he says firmly, his breath coming heavily. But then, he’s not so certain at all. “Is this bad?”

“Yes,” I answer quickly. “It’s bad. But it’s so good.”


About Lauren Blakely

A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than eighty times, and she's sold more than 2 million books. In October she'll release HARD WOOD, a sexy, standalone romantic comedy.

Her bestselling series include Sinful Nights, Seductive Nights, No Regrets, Caught Up in Love, and Fighting Fire as well as standalone romantic comedies like BIG ROCK, MISTER O and WELL HUNG, which were instant New York Times Bestsellers. In the fall she'll release THE SEXY ONE, a swoony contemporary romance.



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