Review: The Prince’s Bride (Modern Fairytale #2) by Diane Alberts

The Prince’s Bride

(Modern Fairytale #2)

Author: Diane Alberts
Publication Date: June 20th, 2016
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

My Rating:


Alicia Forkes went to a trendy club looking for a way to forget her troubles, and she found that in the arms of the gorgeous man who swept her off of her feet…and into one of the hottest encounters she’d ever had in her life. Awesome sex with a stranger is now something she can check off her bucket list.

Except he isn’t exactly a stranger. He’s the guy who broke her heart when they were teens, an experience she doesn’t plan on repeating.

Prince Leo can’t believe he’s finally found the woman he’s loved for years, and she wants nothing to do with him. When she shows up at his office, she looks anything but princess-like. In fact, she’s cursing him to hell and back. She may not be Cinderella, but he’s determined to prove he’s the prince for her––even if it means letting her go.

The Prince’s Bride is the Cinderella retelling in Diane Albert’s Modern Fairytale series. This is a standalone, so it isn’t necessary to read the first book; Beauty and the Boss, the first book, is a Beauty and the Beast retelling, in case any of you are interested. 😉

I just adore modern retellings! In this second chance romance, we have Alicia Forkes, an American currently in a small kingdom called Randovia for a job assignment. After checking off ‘have a one-night stand, and ditch him after’ on the bucket list given to her by her best friend, Alicia never expects to get detained in the country, much less abducted by none other than the Prince of Randovia. Why they’re doing this, she has no idea, but she’s pissed off and will make sure the prince knows it. But when she comes face to face with the Prince Leopold William George Worthington, not only is he the man with the Phantom of the Opera mask she had mind-blowing sex with at a hallway in a club, he’s also Leo, the same man she fell in love with ten years ago. The same man who left her waiting at an airport with a note and a broken heart.

Leo sees this an opportunity to have a second chance with his first love, but Alicia won’t stand for it. Yes, she’s attracted to him, but she won’t let her heart get broken again after what she thought he’d done. 

 I don’t want to be your friend, Leo. I just want to go home and forget this ever happened.”

Still, Leo is nothing if not headstrong and assertive; after all, he’s the future King of Randovia He will do everything in his power to prove to Alicia that he isn’t the man she thinks he is, that second chances are worth it, and that the world is not black and white.

How is this a Cinderella retelling, you ask? Alicia is orphaned at an early age died. She was passed on from foster home to foster home, and was treated badly. When she first met Leo ten years ago, she had no idea he was a prince. It was only on their second meeting that she discovered who he really was. 

The Prince’s Bride was cute, fast-paced, and sweet, but it had its fair share of steam, angst and heartache. We’ll discover how the two lovers were separated, see the loss they both experienced, and feel the ache they both felt when they were broken apart, and the longing they feel now that they’re reunited.

It’s not the most unique story, and it was a bit predictable, but I still enjoyed reading this book. I would’ve enjoyed it more if it were longer, but hey. I like happy endings; especially when they’ve been given another chance to make it right.

 …Because a love like we have? One that survives ten years of lies, separation, and pain? That doesn’t die. It never will. I’ll be here. Waiting for you. I swear that.”

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