Review | Hitched- Volume Two (Imperfect Love #2) by Kendall Ryan

Review | Hitched- Volume Two (Imperfect Love #2) by Kendall RyanHitched: Volume Two by Kendall Ryan
Series: Imperfect Love #2
on July 12th, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 226
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Arranged marriage? Check.

Cocky new husband? Check.

It's a marriage of convenience—one I’m determined to keep strictly professional. I can't be stupid enough to fall for this sexy playboy's charm or advances. I have to be strong, even if he is my husband.

Except he has a huge cock with an even bigger ego, and his main goal in life seems to be getting me to stroke both. The arrogant bastard is like sweet, sugary candy for my libido. I know he’s bad for me.

But I want to devour every wicked inch of him.

With his sexual prowess and experience, I know he’ll be explosive in the bedroom. And since we’re stuck together for the foreseeable future—keeping up this marriage charade long enough to turn the company profitable again—I deserve something to look forward to at the end of a long workday, right?

What could one little taste hurt?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Mature Content

At the end of Volume one, just moments before Noah and Olivia were to tie the knot, Olivia performs a magic act and disappears out of thin air. No metaphorical wedding bells then for our love birds.

Noah is devastated and pissed off that no one would tell him where his fiancée is. He actually thought their relationship was going somewhere and they were getting closer than ever, so he feels hurt and betrayed—and let’s be honest, a little humiliated—that she disappeared on him like that.

He thought Olivia left because she saw the additional stipulation in the inheritance contract, but when she returns to their penthouse a few days later, he’s a little relieved that it wasn’t the reason. Turns out Olivia’s in a bind, and only left for a while to try and solve her problem on her own. When she realized she needed help, she went to Noah and told him the truth.

It was a little anti-climactic, but the two managed to fix the problem quite easily. Soon, they’re back to their smooth-sailing path to a more intimate relationship… until Noah finds out Olivia signed the inheritance contract without actually reading everything. Meaning? She has no idea about the other stipulation.

Seriously, guys, no one should do what Olivia did. No matter who wrote it or drafted it, read your contracts before you sign it. Every single word, letter, and punctuation mark. Because once you’ve signed that, it’s done. No turning back.

The guilt of not telling Olivia about the stipulation is eating up Noah, and it even put a damper on their first supposed sexy time. He’s been telling himself that he’ll tell Olivia, but he never finds the right time.

As we all know, secrets have their way of creeping out and biting you in the ass.

Obviously, we’re seeing more into who Noah and Olivia really are, and we’re also seeing a growth in their relationship in the work area and at home. They’ve proven how compatible they are in bed and how compatible they are as co-CEOs, but there’s still a few things getting in the way.

There’s a lack of communication on both sides, and it’s just frustrating! Olivia tends to run away when she sees any sign of trouble, and Noah keeps making excuses as to why he just won’t tell Olivia the truth. I’m pissed off at the additional stipulation in the will. As if an arranged marriage wasn’t enough.

I know the fathers meant well with their clauses, but it’s so restraining and ugh I don’t know. I can already imagine Olivia’s reaction when she finds out. She is going to flip.

I’m still rooting for a happily ever after between these two because damn it their chemistry is off the charts! And Noah is so sweet and hot and ugh. I have no more words.



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