Review | Georgiana Darcy, Matchmaker by Bronwen Chisholm

Review | Georgiana Darcy, Matchmaker by Bronwen ChisholmGeorgiana Darcy, Matchmaker by Bronwen Chisholm
on August 31st, 2016
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Pages: 254
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After Fitzwilliam Darcy surprised his sister, Georgiana, at Ramsgate and learned she was being tricked into eloping with his childhood friend, George Wickham; he took a most unprecedented path. Deciding Georgie was unprepared for such circumstances due to their society's preference to keep young ladies innocent and unknowing of the ways of the world, he chose to enlighten her. He began discussing things with her and educating her on matters that others may feel were not for the eyes or ears of a lady. He wanted her to be prepared when she came out in society and not be susceptible to the fortune hunters. What he did not realize was that she would use her new found knowledge upon him.

In Georgiana Darcy, Matchmaker, we see a story where Mr. Darcy’s beloved little sister travels to Hertfordshire to speed things up for our beloved couple. I’ve always loved what-if stories involving Georgiana, so I just had to read this! It was also interesting to see a story written in Georgiana Darcy’s POV.

It had its charms, but if you’re a bit of a stickler for proper regency etiquette as I am (not that I claim to have extensive knowledge of regency etiquette), some of the scenes may bother you. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth held hands in public, he kissed her hands and was more forward than what was considered proper, especially since there was no courtship or engagement in place. In Regency times, unwed ladies would only have the opportunity to have deliberate physical contact with the opposite sex through dancing. Someone as dignified and proper as Mr. Darcy wouldn’t dare do anything as forward to a woman he is not promised to, no matter how strong his feelings.

Instead of swooning because of the feels, I would only think about how Darcy would never have done what he did and such. I wasn’t able to get attached to Georgiana and Captain Jacobs’ relationship(?). It felt like their arc was forced into a story with a few subplots already trying to steal the spotlight (e.g. Darcy and Elizabeth, the Wickham predicament).

Lydia and Mrs. Bennet were more intolerable in this story than in P&P, and Lydia caused more mischief and was more unrepentant than the original. I did like Kitty and Georgiana’s budding friendship, as much as I liked Georgiana and Darcy’s relationship.

The story had potential, but sadly it fell a little flat for me.

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  1. That is a tough balance to achieve between finding a story with a creative variation, but having it live up to the standard of the characters you love.

    I'm curious about this one, too, Nissa. Nice review!

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