My Top 5 Modern Pride and Prejudice Retellings + Giveaway

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, it might be obvious I have a bit of a Pride and Prejudice obsession. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but Pride and Prejudice is what made me start this blog. 

Exactly a year ago, I read my first ever Pride and Prejudice variation––The Houseguest by Elizabeth Adams. From there, a pandora’s box was opened. As long as a book was associated with Pride and Prejudice, I would devour it like a dieting human would eat chocolate after avoiding it for so long. It doesn’t matter what the story’s about. It could be set in the regency era, a sequel, stories involving zombies or vampires, and it could be a modern retelling. It doesn’t matter; I’m going to read it. I’ve probably read it. 
To celebrate a year of reading Pride and Prejudice variations, I’ll start off by sharing my top 5 modern-day Pride and Prejudice novels. There are a ton of beautiful stories inspired by P&P set in the 21st century, but these five really made an impression. I’ve fallen in love with them and I hope you’ll love them/ loved them as much as I did.

1. The Muse by Jessica Evans
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If anyone would ask me to recommend a Pride and Prejudice variation, this gem right here would be the first one to come to mind. The Muse is my ultimate favorite modern day Pride and Prejudice. Darcy as a star ballet dancer turned star dance choreographer? Yes please! Who knew tights and leotards could be sexy? For me, this book had the perfect balance of old and new that a successful modern day P&P adaptation needs. Plus, you don’t need to be 100% P&P literate to enjoy The Muse. It works perfectly well as a contemporary romance.



2. Denial of Conscience by Cat Gardiner
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I love Cat Gardiner! I’d place all of her Pride and Prejudice books in this list if I could, but to be fair to the other variations, I’ll choose Denial of Conscience to represent the CG team. Why, you ask? Espionage, dancing, seduction, beautiful countries, romance, Darcy as an assassin. Darcy as an assassin. DARCY AS AN ASSASSIN. Yeah. I know. It’s as riveting and exciting as it sounds. I was literally on the edge of my seat because of the suspense and action. And guess what? A sequel is in the works!!! I am so excited!

3. First Impressions by Ruby Cruz
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Paging Dr. Darcy. Yes, folks, we have a doctor in the house! Darcy does not only break hearts, he fixes them, too. Quite literally. Dr. William Darcy is the new cardiologist at Meryton Hospital where he is nicknamed “Dr. Doomsday”. We have new characters such as Chloe, Jane’s daughter, and Luke, Charlotte Lucas’ counterpart in this story. It was a perfect retelling in the medical world, and the characters were in-character yet they managed to have their own spark. And this awesome book has a sequel called Second Opinions. Yay!!! It’s just so hard to let go of characters you’ve learned to love. 

4. Yours by Design series by Robin M. Helm
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I’m not usually a fan of the time-traveling trope, but this series made it work for me. Three books, dear friends. Three books. Thank you, Robin M. Helm! In the Yours by Design series, the Fitzwilliam Darcy and his modern-day counterpart accidentally switch places a day after F. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth Bennet. What’s great about this series is that the two Darcys we have are not each other’s replica. Fitzwilliam Darcy remains arrogant and proud while Will Darcy is more kind and caring. I loved reading the entire series, and each book was quite the page-turner.

5. First & Then by Emma Mills
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First & Then is an adorable Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights YA book. In this book, we have Devon Tennyson, the Elizabeth counterpart, in her senior year struggling to find out what she really wants to do after high school. It doesn’t help that she has her weird cousin Foster suddenly moving in with her family and the star running back Ezra Lynley, the story’s Darcy, lurking around yet acting like he doesn’t know her. Devon is funny, effortlessly charming, although she was a bit prejudiced in the beginning. Although the characters in F&T do not have the same names in P&P, the essence of P&P in its story and characters is still there.
How about you guys? What are your favorite modern day adaptations? I’d love to hear your choices!
One lucky winner will have the chance to win two e-books of her/his choice in the list above. If you choose First Impressions, you’ll have the option to choose the sequel as your second book, and if you choose the Yours by Design Series, you’ll have all three books instead. 
Giveaway is open internationally, and winner will be announced on my blog and Facebook page by the end of the month (September 30th, 2016). Winner will be e-mailed, and they will have 48 hours to reply. Once 48 hours has passed and the winner has not replied, a new winner will be chosen at random.

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15 responses to “My Top 5 Modern Pride and Prejudice Retellings + Giveaway

  1. Laurie May

    I've only read two adaptation, Eligible and Prom and Prejudice. Does Epic Fail count? hahaha… I really didn't know there were more, I'm not very updated. Thanks, now I know which ones to buy next.

  2. Wow, Nissa! I am over the moon happy that you love The Iceman. Thank you! Now that you've found this special Austen genre, you'll never let go. Enjoy many more years of mods, Regency, and other eras! Hugs to you and happy one year anniversary!

  3. Great list 🙂 I've read some of these, but some are new to me. P&P and Persuasion flip-flop back and forth for my favorite Jane Austen reads, but I'm fond of all them 🙂

  4. Thank you, Nissa, for including me on this list. I'm so glad that you enjoyed my Yours by Design series, and I'm honored by your recognition.

    Robin Helm

  5. Thanks you for the awesome giveaway and the compilation! The Muse and Denial are on my list of top5 too, along with Karen M Cox's Undeceived, J L AShton's A Searing Acquaintance and Cat Gardiner's Undercover. 😉

  6. Thanks, Karen! Haven't read any Persuasion variations before, but I do have Sway by Melanie Stanford on my e-book reader. Might read that one soon. 🙂

  7. Great choices! I've read two of them so far. I have Robin's series on my TBR list and just added the other two. Love adding new finds to my ever growing P&P TBR pile. There so many great modern adaptation. Anything Cat Gardiner writes is a winner. Gosh, I have so many favorites in this genre that's it's hard to list them all.

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