Review: Find You in Paris (La Bohème- The Darcy Brothers #1) by Alix Nichols

Find You in Paris

Author: Alix Nichols
Publication Date: July 9th, 2016
Publisher: SAYN Press
Genre: Modern Pride and Prejudice, Mystery, Contemporary Romance

My Ratings:

First Half

Second Half


True spite. Fake marriage. Real romance. 

If there’s one man that fledgling art photographer Diane Petit really, really, actively hates, it’s fragrance mogul Sebastian Darcy who stole her father’s company—and wrecked the man’s health in the process.
But the arrogant SOB had better brace himself because Diane has vowed revenge.
And revenge she will have.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man in possession of a vast fortune must be an entitled SOB born into money.”
This book called out to me, because not only was it inspired by Pride and Prejudice, it’s a marriage of convenience story! I have never read an Alix Nichols novel, but nothing would/could stop me from reading this book.

Photographer Diane Petit has been holding a grudge against fragrance mogul Count Sebastian d’Arcy du Grand-Thouars de Saint-Maurice, a.k.a. Sebastian Darcy, ever since he stole her father’s business, and when a chance to humiliate him arrived, she took full advantage of it. How slamming cake on his face ends in receiving a fake marriage proposal a few months later is neither here nor there.

Who would willingly stay in a relationship—no matter how fake it is—with a nemesis? Definitely not Diane; especially since Sebastian wouldn’t even tell her why he needs a fake girlfriend-fiancee-wife for half a year. But as the saying goes, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. 

So, Diane spends the next six months with the insufferable Sebastian Darcy, and although the physical attraction is there, Sebastian reminds her time and time again why she hates the SOB.

How is this even related to Pride and Prejudice, you ask? Well, aside from our main guy’s last name, there are scenes similar to the classic—terrible first impressions, overheard insults, hate to love, the rich vs. the poor, misunderstood feelings, and the undeniable chemistry between the couple. 

There are characters mentioned in the story that do not have proper introductions. I realize this is so because those characters have been introduced in the other Bistro La Bohème series. Find You in Paris is the 8th standalone story in the Bistro La Bohème series, and the 1st in the La Bohème- The Darcy Brothers series.

I know it’s a standalone series, but I guess it would be better to read Alix Nichols other stories to understand the other characters more. 

I think it’s safe to say that when you think of France, you think of romance. Find You in Paris gave us exactly that, with a hint of mystery here and there. Why did Darcy offer her money to be his fake wife? How did his father die? Is someone after his family? 

I loved the first half. The pacing was just right, and we can see Sebastian and Diane’s dynamic and how their physical attraction towards each other is affecting their arrangement.

I wish it was clarified whose point of view it was since it alternated between Sebastian’s and Diane’s. 

By the time the end was near, I felt robbed. It was like it was rushed just to wrap everything up. I would have absolutely loved this book if it were longer and less rushed in the second half. That’s why I gave the book two ratings. 4 stars for the first half, and 2.5 stars for the second.

Oh well.

I’ll still try to read the other Bistro La Bohème to try it out. I really like Alix Nichols’ voice and the humor in the book, but I really wish the book was longer.
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