Review⎜Capture (Elements of Chemistry #3) by Penny Reid

Review⎜Capture (Elements of Chemistry #3) by Penny ReidCapture by Penny Reid
Series: Elements of Chemistry #3
Published by Caped Publishing on May 8th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 234
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One week.
Manhattan apartment.
Super-hot ex-boyfriend.

…What’s the worst that could happen?

It’s been nine months since Kaitlyn Parker has seen or heard from Martin Sandeke—nine months and five stages of matter. She’s lived through the worst of first-love heartbreak, and is most certainly stronger (and less likely to hide in science cabinets) than ever before.

But now Martin is back. And he wants to be friends. But he’s sending mixed signals to the Bunsen burner in Kaitlyn’s pants.

Will Martin re-capture Kaitlyn’s heart? Can Kaitlyn and Martin ever be just friends? Or, despite an abundance of chemistry, are some bonds just too unstable to endure?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Mature Content

Capture follows Heat in the Elements of Chemistry series. In this book, we follow Kaitlyn as she tries to move on from her feelings for Martin and how she tries to maintain a friendship with him. After nine months of being Martin-free, Kaitlyn did not expect to see him again in one of her gigs.


If the first two books happened in a span of a week, this book captures a montage of what happened to Kaitlyn nine months after the break up and a week or so of what happened when Martin was back in her life. A bit of a stretch in a novella if you ask me, especially since it was preceded by two fast-paced books.

For a while, their friendship, or their effort to maintain a platonic one, was nice. It was refreshing to see a non-toxic relationship between the two.

“This felt weird, laughing with him now. It’s hard to laugh with a person when your guard is raised. Laughing can be just as intimate as touching.”

The fluff was short-lived, as miscommunication threatened to ruin everything. Seriously, people, talk it out!

I realize I haven’t mentioned this in my review for Heat, but I hated the break up. Absolutely hated it. It made me dislike Kaitlyn more than I did before. She was expecting so much from Martin, and at the first sign of trouble, she blames it all on him, makes him choose something she herself knew he couldn’t. It was selfish of her, and it made me feel little sympathy when I read about her post-break up hiccup.

There was a part in the book that perfectly portrayed the two—how Martin blamed himself for all of it, and how Kaitlyn only realized that she shouldn’t have painted Martin as the bad guy.

“You deserved better,” he said quietly. He sounded like he was talking to himself.

Martin pulled into the senior center and parked the car. His movements were jerky, like he was irritated with himself, or regretting his words, or the memory. Whatever it was, he was agitated and distracted as he exited the car. Meanwhile, I felt incapacitated by the puzzle pieces arranging themselves in my mind.

He’d looked find that day at the student union because he hadn’t thought we were over. And this realization made me feel hollow, because I’d misjudged him.

And he’d deserved better.

Obviously, I have little love for Kaitlyn; Martin, however, warmed up to me thanks to this book. In the first two books, he was all alpha-male, and I didn’t like how domineering he was with Kaitlyn. In this book, we saw what he did to make it up to Kaitlyn. His sacrifices, decisions, everything, he did it all for her.

I wouldn’t rate Martin as my top book boyfriend, but man he was swoon-worthy in some scenes in the book. He still had his faults, but he really did redeem himself.

“Maybe that’s what real love is.
Maybe love, at its essence, is being a mirror for another person–for the good parts and the bad. Perhaps love is simply finding that one person who sees you clearly, cares for you deeply, challenges you and supports you, and subsequently helps you see and be your true self.
Love, I decided, is being a sidekick.”

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